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ORSA foam has always been active in the field of sustainability and environmental protection. Both through the development of sustainable products and using particular production processes and internal policies, the company is committed to making its contribution towards environmental protection. For several years now, Research & Development has been studying substances that can bring real benefits to the environment, formulating products that use significant quantities of bio-based raw materials or preventing the creation of waste through the reuse of by-product. ORSA foam is also active in the Circular Economy, another important aspect for the near future: an economy based on the reuse and recycling of existing materials for as long as possible. This will extend the life cycle of products and help reduce waste. This philosophy is mainly pursued through the production of R agglomerates, which have obtained the “Plastic Second Life” certification. The products are made by collecting, sanitizing and granulating dismissed mattresses, thus preventing them from being sent to landfills.

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