Areas of application


ORSA foam has over 60 years of experience in the field of furniture and offers a wide range of products able to meet different needs, including the main regulations related to the flame retardant properties. Thanks to the versatility of polyurethane, the furniture industry has managed to develop over time more modern and comfortable upholstered furniture. Our products are used by leading Italian and international furniture brands and are able to offer a high level of quality and comfort for your homes. In recent years we have also developed sustainable alternatives for our materials to help protect the environment


ORSA foam has always been present in the bedding industry, contributing for over 60 years to the quality of your rest. ORSA foam has always stood out for the novelty of the materials developed and used for the realization of mattresses. Brands such as Waterlily™, designed to provide exceptional comfort and reduce environmental impact, and Breeze®, known for its high breathability, are just a few examples of ORSA foam’s commitment to creating cutting-edge materials that meet the diverse needs of consumers. Another very important factor for us is the respect for the environment, which finds its expression in the trademarks of Gaia® and RisOrsa®, which include in their formulation the use of polyols of plant origin.


Flexible polyurethane foam is mainly used as thermal and acoustic insulation for its excellent insulating properties and is used both in civil and industrial environments, inside machinery, generators and boxes. ORSA foam also demonstrates attention to the residential environment with a wide range of specific products and innovative solutions for the acoustic insulation of the living environment. Our sound-absorbing panels in polyurethane agglomerate for floors, walls and partitions, are able to guarantee the best performance in any situation.


Thanks to the characteristics of air permeability, softness and flexibility of the foam it is possible to obtain an extremely durable, resilient and comfortable product, able to absorb shocks and preserve the foot. The flexible polyurethane foam is also used for the realization of technical and sports footwear, such as ski boots and hiking shoes. Polyether and polyester, usually in roll configuration, can be thermoformed to have greater versatility and better performance or be coupled to different types of fabrics.


Flexible polyurethane foam is also used in the manufacture of different car components, as well as motorhomes and buses. It is possible to find polyurethane in multiple parts of a car, such as seats, backrests, headrests, armrests and dashboards. The use of this material meets the need to make the means of transport more comfortable and safer.


Flexible polyurethane foam is present in everyday life, even inside our homes. One of the most common uses consists, for example, in making sponges for cleaning the house, body or car. These are usually made with polyurethane “Sponge” which, thanks to its special open cell structure, is particularly suitable for these uses. The polyurethane layer can also be glued to an abrasive part or other materials in particular applications. In addition, these sponges are often rusticated, ergonomically shaped, to allow an optimal grip, or made in various shapes.

Clothing / Textile

Flexible polyurethane foam is also used in clothing, especially sports, as well as textiles. In addition, this material also finds its application in the fashion industry, for example padding bags or lingerie.

Other applications

Flexible polyurethane foam has countless applications in addition to those most known. Examples of these include:

Contract: Flexible polyurethane foam can be used for upholstery and mattresses in hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and public institutions. For example, DS Foam™, thanks to its peculiar physical-mechanical characteristics and flame-retardant properties, is particularly suitable for hospitals, nursing homes and long-term hospitalization.

Painting: our polyurethane is also used in the painting industry. In particular, it is possible to make rolls for the painting of metal profiles, for a precise and uniform painting.

Sports: the polyurethane is present inside the saddles for bicycles and motorcycles, in the knobs, as protection of metal parts, seats and backrests. The agglomeration also has many uses in sport sector, for example as substrate for sports floors of gyms, basketball, indoor and outdoor football.

Packaging: it is possible to use both flexible polyurethane foam and agglomerate as a coating inside packages, in order to protect the objects contained from any impact.

Animal husbandry: the flexible polyurethane agglomerate is also used in zootechnics. In particular, mats can be made for the comfort of cows, mainly used in animal housing. These are able to guarantee strength, softness and cleanliness at the same time, as well as improving the conditions of rest, productivity and animal welfare.

For any doubt, curiosity or proposal regarding the possible uses of polyurethane, current or innovative, do not hesitate to contact us