About us

ORSA foam S.p.A. has always been one of the most important companies in the field of flexible polyurethanes.
The company was founded in 1963 in Gorla Minore (Varese), with the name of ORSA S.r.l. From the transfer of this, in 1999 it acquires its current name, thus becoming ORSA foam S.p.A and continuing to be part of ORSA Group, also operating in other sectors such as non-woven fabric, automotive, plastic injection and renewable energy.

For ORSA foam, the quality of production processes and finished products is one of the main objectives, as well as the desire to offer one of the largest existing product ranges, consisting of over 200 types, able to meet the most diverse applications and needs. Our products are supplied in block and roll configuration.

ORSA foam is not limited to the sale of the product but tends to offer a series of services that can meet the expectations of the market relying on a technical, marketing and commercial staff constantly aimed at solving all application problems. In order to always obtain the most complete customer satisfaction, ORSA foam continuously seeks for the highest quality, through the constant innovation of technologies and products, thus achieving the best performance in comfort.

All of this has always been pursued by maintaining a high attention to the environment, which has been perceived by ORSA foam as an ethical need, and first has an industrial need: the environment is something that must be protected and safeguarded even beyond what is required by law.


ORSA foam Group

ORSA foam S.p.A., the result of a joint venture between ORSA Group (67%) and Recticel (33%), owns a group of companies owned and/or controlled jointly.
The goal of the ORSA foam Group is to be close to its customers and it is for this reason that a company was first acquired with a production plant in north-west Italy and shortly after a new production plant was built in the south, both strategic areas in the Italian polyurethane landscape.


S.I.P Sud Italia Poliuretani is located in Matera, Basilicata, where there is an important hub for the furniture and fruit packaging sector. The company is dedicated to the production of flexible polyurethane foam based on continuous polyether. It provides material in block, roll and plate configuration.


N.I.R. Nord Italia Resine is located in Campodarsego in the province of Padua. The activity is aimed at the production of low-density polyether based polyurethane foam using “Cardio” and medium density technology using “Maxfoam” technology, mainly aimed at the upholstered market.


C.P.S. Cushioning Product Service is located in Novedrate, in the province of Como and is specialized in the transformation of flexible polyurethane foam for the realization of semi-finished products mainly addressed to the indoor and outdoor furniture and bedding sectors.


ORSA Foam S.p.A

Via A. Colombo, 60

21055 Gorla Minore (VA)

Phone +39 0331 609111

Mail: orsafoam@orsafoam.it

Production of flexible polyurethane foam
with a basis of polyether and polyester


Via A. Colombo, 60

21055 Gorla Minore (VA)

Phone +39 0331 609111

Mail: orsafoam@orsafoam.it

Production of rebounded flexible foam

C.P.S. S.r.l.

Via Meda, 6

22060 Novedrate (CO)

Phone. +39 0331609111

Mail: orsafoam@orsafoam.it

Transformation of flexible polyurethane foam

N.I.R. S.p.A.

Via Antoniana 48 s.p. del Santo

35011 Campodarsego (PD)

Phone. +39 0331609111

Mail: orsafoam@orsafoam.it

Production of polyether based flexible polyurethane foam

S.I.P. S.r.l.

Zona Industriale la Martella

75100 Matera (MT)

Phone. +39 0331609111 

Mail: orsafoam@orsafoam.it

Production of Polyether based flexible polyurethane foam



ORSA Foam S.p.A. has always based its market competitiveness on the quality of its products, on ceaseless innovation and on a broad range of products to meet the most diverse needs and applications.

The ORSA Foam Technical Laboratory is equipped with instruments and staffed by experts in order to:

Comparison of polyols of fossil and vegetable origin:

ORSA foam S.p.A. has commissioned a comparative analysis of the life cycles of the two classes of poliol from the University of Milan.
Below you can download the conclusions of the study carried out by the Politecnico di Milano.

Philosophy and values

Valuing the experiences of every single person and setting ourselves as a fundamental goal the pursuit of new creative boundaries puts us in the forefront and allows us to respond with concrete proposals to the ever-increasing needs of a market, that today, has have extremely evolved.
Contribute to environmental sustainability through products and services with high natural content, adapting daily the parameters of comfort with the purpose of raising the lifestyle.
Combining the enhancement of the work of people with the evolution of a production process increasingly characterized by a sophisticated and advanced technological component, to ensure high quality products that meet the high profile demands of industrial design.
Ensure the highest safety criteria, in order to pass all the strict tests established by the various regulators and control bodies and obtaining the highest international certifications.

For ORSA foam, the quality of production processes and finished products is one of the fundamental objectives, as well as the desire to offer one of the widest range of existing products able to meet the most diverse applications and needs. We carefully analyse the purchased raw material and certify the finished product to the customer in accordance with strict technical specifications.
With the international certification ISO 9001 we also ensure the efficiency of our production processes, services and business activities.

We accept both small and large requests of our customers, ensuring maximum production flexibility; high quality products and fast delivery times. We also offer a tailor-made service, establishing a deep relationship with our customers and ensuring their constant support.

We provide timely and highly professional technical-business support at all stages of the customer journey. All the staff, with constant commitment and high professionalism, is always aimed at the solution of all application issues, a constant and competent pre-sale and after-sales assistance.

ORSA foam has always been active in the field of sustainability and environmental protection. Both through the development of sustainable products and using particular production processes and internal policies, the company is committed to making its contribution towards environmental protection. For several years now, Research & Development has been studying substances that can bring real benefits to the environment, formulating products that use significant quantities of bio-based raw materials or preventing the creation of waste through the reuse of by-product. ORSA foam is also active in the Circular Economy, another important aspect for the near future: an economy based on the reuse and recycling of existing materials for as long as possible. This will extend the life cycle of products and help reduce waste. This philosophy is mainly pursued through the production of R agglomerates, which have obtained the “Plastic Second Life” certification. The products are made by collecting, sanitizing and granulating dismissed mattresses, thus preventing them from being sent to landfills.