With i-fo@m®, the foam becomes intelligent, by microencapsulation you can introduce particular substances or active ingredients. The world of polyurethane can thus rely on a technology capable of offering the ideal comfort and protection in any situation of our daily life, from moments of rest and relaxation to leisure, from work to sport.
In this technological context are born:

i-fo@m® Thermo

foam capable of thermoregulating the areas in contact with the body creating an ideal microclimate.
This type is produced with the help of microspheres called PCM, “Phase Changing Material”. These are intelligent heat accumulators which draw on the physical phenomenon of phase transition to absorb latent heat flux and to accumulate a high amount of energy, keeping its own temperature constant and giving back the heat in case of later drop of temperature. Sleepers can enjoy a restful, beneficial and healthy sleep.

i-fo@m® Silver

foam that exploits the bactericidal action of silver, a powerful natural antibiotic used for thousands of years, whose properties were already known at the time of Ancient Greece.
The foam made precious with silver, but also made active against bacteria, is used to safeguard purity and hygiene in mattresses, sportswear, footwear and household sector.