Rebound Division

The rebounded polyurethane is a material obtained from the processing of by-products of flexible polyurethane foam (H) or raw materials obtained from the recycling of flexible polyurethane foam at the end of its life (R), which are granulated and rebounded together through the use of suitable binders.

Full support for enviromental sustainability through adherence to certification “Plastic Second Life”

The brand “Plastic second life” is an environmental product certification system, dedicated to materials and artifacts obtained from the enhancement of by-products and plastic waste.

Plastic Second Life – By-product

It certifies plastics materials managed as by-products (i.e., waste and industrial pre-consumer plastic waste deriving from both production and processing).

Plastic Second Life – From separate collection

It certifies the recycled content and the traceability of materials, semi-finished products, manufactured products made using from 30% up to 100% of polymers derived from waste from separate collection or other post-consumer circuits.

For more information on our rebounded flexible polyurethane and its many fields of application, visit ORSA foam – Divisione Rebound